Couple meets in unexpected way: 'This is like a romance novel'

TikToker Ciara Benko posted a video about how she met her wife Molly Hawkins. It all started when Benko was moving into a new apartment and needed a roommate. She put an ad on Craigslist, and Hawkins responded to the ad. The rest is history. Benko then pointed to an email she received via Craigslist from Hawkins that year. The video then cut to a mask-donning Benko on one knee proposing to Hawkins on a boat during the pandemic. Hawkins jumped up and down in excitement. "Roommates 4 life," the video caption read as the two women leaned in for a kiss. TikTok loved the couple's meet-cute story and gushed about it in the comments. The video received over 3.6 million views. "This is like a romance novel, help," one person said

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