Couple comes up with cheap trick to update countertop

TikTok user Melissa Mondragon shared a video of her and her husband renovating their kitchen countertops for less than $200. The trick? They created convincing fake marble covers for their granite tabletops. To pull off the hack, the couple first covers their countertops with white paint before painting on the marble “veins”. They topped it all off with a coat of epoxy, a polymer that seals it all together. The process reportedly took four days, with the couple telling Insider that the hardest part was painting on the veins. Mondragon also added that the paint kit she used is safe for food contact after a week. The TikTok of the couple’s kitchen transformation has accumulated more than 43 million views. Unfortunately, the video seemed to ignite backlash from the granite countertop enthusiasts of TikTok. “Painting granite should be a crime,” one said. “This is like putting carpet over real hardwood floors,” another added. “Natural granite like this costs 5-10k and you just painted over it with 50 dollar clearance paint,” a third lamented