County soil judging

Oct. 7—MONROEVILLE — On Sept. 20, the Monroeville FFA participated in the county soils contest.

In this contest students are to look at soil and try to find the slope of the soil along with the soil texture and what can be planted on the soil. Along with looking at slope the students also are tested on their knowledge of the soils in two tests that the contest holds.

The Urban team makes recommendations for building site development. Team members are also required to make recommendations on Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and soil Ph. This contest helps students to develop an appreciation for the soil.

The teams were Urban and Rural.

The team members for the Urban were as follows: Anessa Ruggles, Haydon Ryan, Jarret Bread, Brycen Dunlap, Nancy Kramer, Ethan Schafer Grady Lasch.

The team members for the Rural team were as follows Cole Perry, Maddox Bauer, Levi Shield, Anita Ruggles, Landon Stein, Brooke Schafer, Hayden Corbin and Kylee Ott.

The placing for Urban was 2nd place in the country and the placing for the Rural team was also 2nd in the country. Anita Ruggles placed 5th in the county as an individual in the Rural team and Hayden Ryan was 6th in the county as an individual for Urban.

Anessa Ruggles

FFA Reporter