Council takes its workshop to meet the people

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May 26—THOMASVILLE — The Thomasville City Council took its most recent workshop to the streets.

Council members conducted a workshop last week at Scott Senior Center, instead of its usual Municipal Building council chambers' locale. The workshop followed a listening session for council members from community members. Representatives from city departments also were on hand.

"The point of the listening session is, we want to hear you," Thomasville Mayor Jay Flowers said. "So if you have questions there are people around the room who can help with those questions.

"We're here because we want you to be connected," Flowers said. "We want you to feel you can come to us without any of the barriers that come with the formal meetings."

Flowers told the residents in attendance that the council members' intention was to get someone who could address their issue connected with the residents.

"If you have an issue, let's make sure we get you in front of somebody," he said. "We want to make sure we get an opportunity to answer those questions or at a minimum, get your contact info so we can get back to you."

Flowers said he loved having the listening session and workshop as the council's first even to reach out to the community. There are two more planned this year — August 3 at Disciples of Jesus Ministries, 228 Augusta Ave., and November 9 at the Thomas County EMS Station, 1202 Remington Ave.

Flowers also expressed his thanks to the residents who came out to the Scott Senior Center.

"It shows you care," he said. "You're part of the fabric that makes Thomasville unique."