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BURLINGTON, NC / ACCESSWIRE / February 7, 2023 / For some people, the idea of dipping food in a spray is heresy, while for others it represents a breakthrough in culinary science. With its version of an aerosolized dip in the flavors of blue cheese and creamy ranch, Alamance Foods has experimented with the whole concept of dip by creating aerosolized versions of blue cheese and creamy ranch. The resulting brand, Flip Whip, produces a dip that has the same flavor as regular ranch dressing but is lower in calories and fat.

Everyone appreciates the flavor and taste of creamy dips, but in light of the rising popularity of leading a healthier lifestyle, consumers demand flavor without sacrificing their health. The foundation of the majority of creamy dips is processed vegetable oil, which is bad for your health.

FlipWhip doesn't compromise on flavor since its dips are produced with genuine cream that is purchased from dairy cooperatives, as opposed to the stabilizers and hydrogenated oils that are typically used in standard chilled dips to give them their creaminess. The product's novel technical approach of aerosolizing the dips gives it a delectable yet nutritious texture. The product has a 180-day shelf life, compared to standard dips' 7 or 30 days, which is a big bonus.

The lengthy shelf life, decreased caloric content, and robust flavor of this product serve as its main differentiators. Ranch dressing typically has 100 calories per serving. However, the product's caloric content lowers to 15 calories per serving when it is aerosolized.

"The very fact that makes this product different - its mode of delivery - is also what makes it fun to use. It is essentially spray cheese. It is also healthier and more long lasting. In light of the traditional concept of a ranch or blue cheese dressing in a tub, our key challenge is to get consumers to try the product. For those who have risen to the challenge, the results have been well worth the risk. We went to 6 food shows to get consumers to try the product and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. This is an industry-first product that will definitely prove to be a gamechanger in the long run, "Said Mohan Velluri, Vice President of Sales and Development at Alamance Foods.

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