Copley ‘zaddy’ Michael Allio shares tears, kiss and rose on latest ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

While not the center of any drama as of yet, Copley’s Michael Allio seems to be one step closer to finding love on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ after this week's episodes.

Copley 'zaddy' on Bachelor in Paradise:Copley single dad Michael Allio to be on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Though Allio was not the focus of the majority of episode three, his journey on “Bachelor in Paradise” is keeping his hometown on its toes. Who will receive his rose? Will he get a rose during the next ceremony? Will the new men on the island present some competition? Only time (and most likely many tears) will tell.

What’s the tea on Michael Allio and Sierra Jackson?

During the season premiere, Allio said that he could see a future with Sierra Jackson, who appeared as a contestant from Clayton Echard’s season of “The Bachelor.” The two talked privately at one point during the episode, where Jackson asked Allio about the hardest part of being a single dad. His response was creating memories, but not having anyone to share them with.

A similar, though tearier, conversation happened in episode two between Allio and Jackson, who found themselves talking about the fears of entering a new relationship. The pair lounged on a bed and Allio went more in depth about his hesitation to date after the death of his late wife, Laura.

“It’s like I get excited in the beginning and then, when the feelings start to shift, it gets scary, it gets more intense,” he said.

Who is Michael Allio?:Copley single dad and widower who will be on 'The Bachelorette'

The single dad also revealed his fear that he is not ready for love and may unintentionally hurt someone to get ready for it. Finally, after describing how his sleeping habits changed following Laura’s death (he slept diagonally), the two shared some tears and a kiss.

The rose ceremony on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

After their talk in episode two, Allio told the audience that there’s something “really good” between himself and Jackson – a statement that was solidified with the receival of his rose in the following episode.

Their relationship was one of the few that wasn’t on the rocks by the time the rose ceremony kicked off, so his choice didn’t seem to surprise the other contestants. After the ceremony, one contestant even said that Allio and Jackson are one of the island’s most solid couples.

Michael Allio says goodbye:"My son needs his dad": Michael Allio self-eliminates from "The Bachelorette"

In contrast, three women did not receive roses: Kira Mengistu, Hailey Malles and Hunter Haag. All three were on the most recent season of “The Bachelor,” where they vied for the attention of Clayton Echard.

Coming up on the next episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise'

The sneak peak for next week's episodes contained a fair amount of arguing, yelling, tears and overall drama. Local celebrity Allio put it best when he said "sh*t is about to hit the fan."

The fourth episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" airs on ABC at 8 p.m. Oct. 10.

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