Consumer Warrior Clark Howard gives advice to save on your monthly budget

·1 min read

Everyone is feeling the stress of inflation and looking to save money any way they can. Our Consumer Warrior Clark Howard has three tips to help you save money.

1. Get a baseline of your expenses. “What you’re paying for your cell phone, internet, any streaming services, anything that you’re billed every month. I want you to look through your checking account statements, your credit cards, and anything that’s going automatic. We don’t realize how much we can save money just with those,” says Clark.

2. Limit how much time you spend driving.

3. Dial back the A/C. “It’s so hot here in the summer. I want you to dial that thermostat back, particularly when you’re not home. Install an automatic thermostat like a Nest or one of its competitors. Set it to about 82 during the day, and when you know you’re going to be home, set it so about a half-hour before you get home that it starts cooling the house again,” says Clark.

Clark adds “you do those three things, you’ll be able to fight back against inflation a decent amount.”

You can find more money-saving tips at Clark’s website.