Confused about all those TikTok houses? Here's your guide

TikTok houses are collectives where social media creators live and make content together. Here’s the rundown on each house and its members. 1. Hype House. Founded by Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou in 2019, Hype House is, essentially, home to TikTok’s popular kids. 2. Sway House. Sway House is the not-so-subtle frenemy collective to Hype House. Founded by Talent X Entertainment, this is where TikTok’s bad boys reside. 3. Clubhouse BH. Created by Daisy Keech and Abby Rao. Keech cofounded Clubhouse after leaving Hype House. 4. Shluv House. Before it was an official collective, Shluv Gang was the name of the community surrounding comedic dancer Michael Le. 5. Kids Next Door (K.N.D.). Marcus Olin founded this house with seven other members in May 2020. 6. Clubhouse Next. Clubhouse Next is the five-member sister house of Clubhouse featuring fresh faces as opposed to social media heavyweights. 7. Byte Squad. Byte Squad is the U.K.’s first TikTok collective. 8. V@ult House. Run by influencer marketing agency Six Degrees of Influence, V@ult House is full of rising TikTok stars. 9. Vibe Crew L.A. . This house is for young creators aged 10 to 15. 10. Not A Content House. This all-girl group formed in August 2020. Most of its members are between 16 and 18 years old. 11. Wave House. The Wave House is the U.K.’s second TikTok collective. 12. Icon House. Icon House is a rebranding of MyHouseLDN following allegations that one of its members sent a minor sexual messages. 13. Bay House. Bay House is located in St. Petersburg, Fla., and launched in November 2020