COMIC BOOKS: Star Wars: Darth Vader: The Shadow's Shadow

Jan. 28—In the latest collection of "Darth Vader" comic books, the title character continues working with Sabe, the former handmaiden to Padme Amidala.

Padme was the love of Anakin Skywalker, the Jedi who betrayed his order and became Darth Vader, dark lord of the Sith. As Vader is their father, Padme was the mother of Luke and Leia.

And while Vader revealed his Skywalker roots to Luke, few in the Empire know that Vader was once Anakin.

Sabe is one of the people who knows. She has reasons to want Vader dead and he has reasons to want her dead. But in the memory of Padme, they work together.

"The Shadow's Shadow" collects issues 23-27 of the monthly "Darth Vader" title. The storyline reveals a different side of Vader. Writer Greg Pak continues finding powerful stories based on Vader, creating a multi-faceted personality for one of the movie's greatest villains.

"Darth Vader" is only one title in a galaxy of "Star Wars" comic books available to fans. Many of these comics have storylines that are better than some of the more recent "Star Wars" movies and television shows. and many of the comics are cinematic and epic in scope while telling more intimate stories about these well-known characters.

If interested in the "Vader" titles, "Shadow" is not a good jumping-on point. Seek the start of this series — and note there have been a few different Vader comic book series. Also, this storyline does not conclude in "Shadow," it continues in the monthly titles and in the next collection to be released several months from now.