Comedian dad on the road bawls over watching 'daughter's life through a phone': 'It just killed me'

Two comedians got real about what it means to be a dad who works on the road.

Chris Distefano (MTV’s Guy Code, Girl Code) appeared on Bert Kreischer’s (Van Wilder) podcast 2 Bears, 1 Cave. Distefano and Kreischer had a tear-jerking conversation about the sacrifices they made for their careers. As fathers, they felt a responsibility to make a good living to support their children, but that also meant being away from home. A snippet of the exchange posted by @meaningful.clips went viral with 6.8 million views on TikTok.

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“I’m watching my daughter’s life through a phone,” he said, starting to cry. “She’s never gonna be 6 again… and I missed like tons of her life.”

He said he earns a good living, but he has to watch his kid’s life through FaceTime.

“I’m the only dad that hasn’t been in her swim meets — it just killed me,” Distefano said, wiping the tears out of his eyes.

Kreischer started bawling as well, saying, “I can’t tell you it gets better.” But he explained in the full interview that it’s good that Distefano can recognize the issue before it’s too late. Kreischer also struggled with finding the balance between work and family.

He tearfully recalled a time when he and his wife had less money. He was stressed out, but another dad, who happened to be active in the military, reminded him that he didn’t have it so bad.

Soon after, when Kreischer was able to buy his daughters a trampoline and watch them play without a care in the world, he had a better sense of what fatherhood meant.

“This is what you give them, the freedom to not have worries,” Kreischer said.

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