Cobra caught in Thai family's front garden after spitting venom at brave pet dog

This is the moment a ferocious cobra was caught after spitting venom at a family's pet dog. Pittaya Surattana, 47, heard his cross-bred Thai Ridgeback dog barking at the reptile to prevent it from getting into the home in Udon Thani, northeastern Thailand on Tuesday (January 14) morning. He came to the dog at his lawn and saw the mutt, named Phetch, was squaring up to the cobra. The serpent spat the poison at the brave pet pooch and slithered into the bush. The host rushed into the house and called the rescuer team to catch the ferocious snake while he was busy cleaning his dog's eyes. Officers snared the 3ft long cobra in the bush strangling a rat - before releasing the rodent and turning its attention to the rescue team. They used two rods and finally managed to catch the deadly reptile. Pittaya said he was grateful to his loyal dog, who was not afraid to protect him and his family. He said: "We used to have two dogs, Phetch and his mother. They would both catch snakes before they had chance to get into the house. "Phetch's mother passed away a couple of years ago, but even though he's alone, he's still brave enough to face the dangerous cobra to protect us."