Cobb Galleria, Performing Arts Centre post best finances since pre-pandemic

Dec. 4—The Cobb Galleria and Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre (CEPAC) released their annual report this week, and business for both is back in full swing.

For the first time since 2019, both venues were financially in the black.

That was made possible due to the full return of live entertainment and events at two of Cobb's largest and busiest destinations. The Galleria hosted some 187 events and 229,000 guests, up from less than 100 events in its previous fiscal year.

CEPAC, meanwhile, held 178 events and brought in 180,000 guests after hosting next to no events during the depths of the pandemic.

The Galleria posted an operating profit of just shy of $2 million, while the Galleria hit $3.53 million, the latter topping its 2019 numbers by roughly $750,000.

Both venues operated at a loss during fiscal year 2021.

"The performing arts center has accomplished its ambitious goal of bringing arts and entertainment events that wouldn't otherwise be presented to local audiences and lifting up its resident companies — the Atlanta Ballet, The Atlanta Opera and ArtsBridge Foundation," said Michele Swann, general manager and CEO of the Cobb-Marietta Coliseum & Exhibit Hall Authority, which oversees both venues.

The authority also boasted its best sales tax proceeds since before the pandemic. After generating about $1.7 million last year, the authority reported its venues generated $7.5 million in revenue from sales, liquor, hotel-motel, and other taxes.

"This year was worthy of a celebration as we continued to build momentum and return to the new normal," said Jerry Nix, chairman of the authority's board. "The Cobb Galleria Centre strengthened its recovery with a robust events calendar, and the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre enjoyed a year of near-record occupancy."

The full annual report can be viewed at