CNX-Network Breaking Online Monopolies Through Blockchain

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THE HAGUE, Netherlands, July 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The CNX-Network, a blockchain-based application platform, has announced that the presale is live. The presale, which is now taking place via the official website, will come with several added benefits for those who participate.

The network is one that takes the typical interfaces of popular online platforms and recreates them on their blockchain. Applications that we all use on a daily basis are mostly owned by major companies and platforms. Since they have created a monopoly position in these markets for themselves, customers have no choice then to accept the terms set by these companies. This causes them to pay high fees and make multiple accounts for every individual needed application.

CNX-Network recreates these daily used platforms, and combines them into a user-friendly network. Having a similar interface for every application makes it very easy to use and accessible for everyone.

As Dominic Letsch, the CEO of CNX-Network, explains, "Why can't we create an ecosystem of all of the existing platforms, with almost no fees, running on our own blockchain and cryptocurrency. In this way, we can help people with lower incomes use these platforms without the high costs."

Following the presale, there are plans to create hundreds of platforms through the CNX-Network and allow one login and user account to have access to all of them. The very low fee that will be paid for this access and use of the applications will be in the form of the platform's native CNX token.    

CNX-Network is currently planning to get listed on multiple exchanges and has surpassed 250,000 unique users on their network already. Interested parties are encouraged to sign up via the official CNX-Network website for more information.  

About CNX-Network

CNX-Network is a blockchain-based utility network that offers access to the many interfaces that drive the modern world, all built on decentralized technology. Backed by a team of experts in finance and tech, the CNX-Network is a fast-expanding project with plans to take on the digital world at large.

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