Do you have climate-induced despair? A psychologist weighs in

"Solastalgia" is a generally new term coined by psychologists in response to feelings of climate-induced despair following an influx in negative environmental events like the wildfires along the west coast. Yahoo Life Mental Health Contributor, Jen Hartstein, offers tips to ease some of the negative effects that solastalgia may be having on your mental health. “When we feel disconnected from the Earth, which solastalgia highlights, we want to looks for ways to be connected or places and locations that we do feel secure and safe,” she says. “Maybe it's finding that special place in the park that you know is there, and you know is safe, that you can get to every day or as often as you can. That will help us get the balance we need to get through each day more effectively.” Hartstein recommends talking with others about how you're feeling, to find support in your community as everyone goes through this together. Then we can find out if there are ways to make a difference. “Can we help rescue animals? Can we help send money for the Red Cross to provide materials and goods to the people who are losing those things? Maybe it's getting involved in eco-friendly organizations to help work on things related to climate change,” Hartstein explains. “Engage in those things and be active in your community, figure out how you can work with your community, that you live in to make things better and safer for everybody.” Doing what you can to create change is one of the best weighs to combat feeling powerless and overcome solastalgia.