Clemson target RB Trevor Etienne talks recruiting, top three schools

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Jennings (La.) running back Trevor Etienne announced Clemson, Florida and LSU as his top three schools via Twitter on Monday. He had an in-home visit with the Clemson Tigers coaches that day as well. The State spoke with Etienne, the younger brother of ACC all-time leading rusher and current Jacksonville Jaguar Travis Etienne, on Tuesday afternoon to discuss his final three schools and connections with Clemson.

Here’s what the Class of 2022 four-star recruit had to say.

Alexis Cubit: How would you describe your senior season at Jennings?

Trevor Etienne: It was a great one to remember, just getting out there the last time, being out there as a senior and getting to enjoy it with my friends.

AC: With it being over now, how much more has that allowed you to focus on your college decision and recruiting?

TE: It’s a lot. I can focus more on it than having to focus on winning a game, so I guess you can say it’s a lot.

AC: Do you play any other sports?

TE: Baseball. I played basketball, but I’m not this year.

AC: There’s obviously a connection with Clemson because of your brother, Travis, having played there and LSU being your home state school, but in general, why did you decide on those two and Florida for your final three?

TE: Those schools, I feel like I can maximize my potential on and off the field. I just feel like those three were the best for me in helping me become a better person and player while getting an education.

AC: Do you know what you want to major in?

TE: Not yet. I haven’t decided yet.

AC: How much of an impact has Travis had on helping with your recruiting process and shedding light on Clemson’s program?

TE: He isn’t really pushing me anywhere. He’s like, ‘Hey man, do what’s best for you. It’s your decision.’ He just tries to help me out and guide me, tell me how to handle certain situations from his experience going through it. He’s being that big brother. As long as I’m happy, he’s happy.

AC: What has he told you about Clemson that you maybe didn’t see or haven’t heard about during your recruiting process?

TE: There’s nothing he could tell me because I was there along the way, so I pretty much saw it myself.

AC: Piggybacking off that, how much of a relationship were you able to form watching him and going to some of those games?

TE: I have great relationships with them. Before they were even recruiting me, I knew them. It was more like a family-type feel around them because I wasn’t a recruit yet and they couldn’t recruit me. I was in junior high, so I’ve been knowing them before the recruiting. Now we’re building the recruiting relationship.

AC: How was the in-home visit with Clemson’s coaches on Monday?

TE: It went well. It was great.

AC: You announced your top three schools on Monday, but have you decided on when you’ll make your final decision?

TE: January 8 at the All-American (Bowl) Game.

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