Clear Refrigerator Clutter with the New HEXA™ In-Fridge Organization line by Spectrum® Diversified Designs

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STREETSBORO, Ohio, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectrum® Diversified Designs, LLC, a leader in housewares and creator of innovative storage and organization solutions for all rooms of the home, introduces its new collection of HEXAIn-Fridge Organizers to give perishables and other food a proper storage space with improved air flow for extended freshness.

Spectrum Diversified Designs introduces its new collection of HEXA(tm) In-Fridge Organizers.
Spectrum Diversified Designs introduces its new collection of HEXA(tm) In-Fridge Organizers.

Inspired by the mighty hexagon shape that is found in nature, the removable HEXA tray inserts feature a six-sided honeycomb open-base design—known as hexology—which elevates food to improve air flow and keep produce fresher for longer. Additionally, the clear, stackable bins help customize shelves while the easy-reach front opening makes it simple to pull items in and out of the fridge for everyday meal prep.

"After spending more time than usual in the kitchen this past year, it's a challenge to keep the fridge clean and organized," says Tom Tylicki, Spectrum Diversified director, category management. "These innovative bins help control the chaos, so you can enjoy more happy moments together cooking meals, baking and trying new recipes."

HEXA Refrigerator Bins
Available on Amazon, HEXA In-Fridge bins are slender, sturdy and stackable, promoting vertical storage that maximizes limited space. Simply lift, stack and reach through the front opening cutouts to access ingredients—without rearranging the entire shelf. The removable inserts improve airflow, keeping produce fresher for longer. Plus, it's easy to clean up dirt and crumbs. The refrigerator bins are available in a Clear finish and come in a variety of sizes for every organizational need.

HEXA Egg Tray and Lazy Susan
The HEXA Egg Tray and Lazy Susan offer practical solutions to common problems.

Lazy Susan
The Lazy Susan features a non-slip, stable base that rotates without sliding, preventing items from getting lost in the back of the fridge. It keeps jars and bottles in one place for quick access. Place it in the fridge and pull it out for mealtime, so family or guests can help themselves to condiments, dressings and sauces.

Egg Tray
The Egg Tray is a solution to wobbly store-bought cartons. It's sturdy and holds up to 18 eggs. The open design also helps keep eggs fresher for longer and allows you to easily assess your grocery needs.

Spectrum storage and organization products are designed to help Live Life Organized. In addition to in-fridge organization, the HEXA line of innovation includes sink and in-drawer organizers and silverware trays. HEXA refrigerator organizers are available for $6.99 - $17.99 online through Amazon. For more information, please visit

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