City oks new speed humps

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Aug. 17—VALDOSTA — Valdosta City Council approved a resident's request to install speed humps behind Winn-Dixie to keep speeders in check.

The city received a "See Click Fix" ticket concerning a speeding issue on Briggs Street and Smithbriar Drive from Angie Strealy. She requested that the Traffic Management Division conduct a speed study in this area.

"People have come around the corner behind Winn-Dixie going very fast. We have speed bumps farther down on Smithbriar and need another one closer to Winn-Dixie to prevent speeding. Many young people live in this area," she said in her complaint.

A 24-hour speed/traffic count study was conducted on Thursday, May 26. The study concluded that the 85th percentile speed was 60.7 miles per hour, over double the 30 mph posted speed limit.

Over the last month, Strealy secured signatures from six of the seven property owners and residents in the area, meeting the 70% rule of the city's Speed Hump Policy. Ben O'Dowd, city engineer, reported to the council that the study and feedback from residents was "an indication that speed bumps are warranted for this location".

He noted in his report that a request had been made for the speed bumps to be changed to a single speed hump. Speed humps are made out of recycled plastic, not permanently attached to the road and are at a lower angle than speed bumps, making them safer for vehicles to drive over. The lowest quote for a single speed hump came from Southland Contractors in the amount of $4,000. He also clarified the speed hump's positioning.

"Based upon the required testing and the required positive responses from the immediate neighbors, I recommend approval for a speed hump on Smithbriar Drive between Briggs Street and Pine Point Circle," he said.

The council unanimously approved the request, and construction will be announced at a future date.