Ciara rocked honey blonde hair for her birthday and wow

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Photo credit: Ciara/@ciara
Photo credit: Ciara/@ciara

Whenever a birthday comes around, I feel an urge to switch up my look in some way. Whether it be getting a hair refresh (nothing too crazy, don’t worry) or trying a new lip colour, I like doing something to mark the addition of an extra candle to my birthday cake. And it seems that Ciara wanted to do the same for hers, too.

The singer celebrated her 36th birthday and to mark the special occasion, she posted some seriously incredible pictures on her Instagram feed.

Giving her hair a birthday refresh, Ciara now has gorgeous cool-toned honey blonde hair – a big difference from her usual recent almost-black locks.

As if that wasn’t enough, she paired her new look with a gorgeous orange-toned red lip and the chicest take on a women’s suit I think I’ve ever seen. Seriously, how amazing does she look?

Even her husband, Russell Wilson, had to share how fit he thought his wife looked, commenting: “🔥🔥🔥😍👀👀👀”. I mean, emojis really say it all, don’t they?

Though, Russell found the words to wish Ciara a happy birthday on his own Instagram account.

Posting a series of pictures, including Ciara as a child and a gorgeous family snap, he wrote: “Perfect in every way. God made you for me. He made you to fit perfectly in my arms. Made you to be the amazing woman and mother you are. God made you to entertain the world with your gift to sing & dance! He gifted you with the ability to Tilt the room.. when you walk in ALL the furniture slides towards you. He gifted you with the ability to smile and bring joy to ALL things! Gifted you with the ability to LOVE. Happy Birthday my Queen @Ciara Heaven sent!”

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