Churchville landowner asks Augusta County to ditch the sludge pit proposal: Letter

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Ditch the pit, please.

I am an adjacent landowner to the sludge pit (that's being proposed) in Churchville currently before the Planning Commission of Augusta County. I moved back to Virginia in 2020 and chose picturesque Churchville to live in because of its beauty and quaint town atmosphere.

I am pleading with the county to really ask themselves, "Do we really want a smelly (pit)?" And it will smell, over all of Churchville. The location guarantees that. It is in the holler between Whiskey Creek and U.S. Route 250. It will smell over all of Churchville.

Overwhelming attendance at the public hearing was against the proposal. Only two people spoke in favor. Shouldn't this tell the commission something, and shouldn't they listen?



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This article originally appeared on Staunton News Leader: Citizen is against smelly sludge pit in Churchville, Augusta County