Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) Candidate Famela Ramos and Supporters Respond to Antifa/Anti-Famela Flier by Public Display of Racial Unity

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"Famela is Family" Was Message of Impromptu Gathering to Defend Famela Against Communist Sympathizers

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Famela Ramos Campaign discussed today events that occurred on Friday, October 23 surrounding a planned rally attacking her candidacy and slandering her name.

The flier, inviting people to attend an anti-Famela Rally, was titled "Tear Down Fascist Famela" and invited participants to Raise their Fists and Resist (whatever that means). Furthermore, the propaganda document depicts Campaign Signs used by Famela in a garbage bin.

"It was my honor to mobilize supporters of Famela Ramos to the site where the protesters were planning to rally against Famela," said Wais Kaihani, a volunteer of Ms. Ramos and collaborator with Therapeutic Solutions International, a biotechnology company which has filed patents with Famela. "I've never met a politician in my life who instead of stooping down to the level of her opponents, smile and invite everyone to start singing and dancing to the song "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. It was also interesting how quickly the Antifa people dispersed when greeted by Famela's warm and embracing smile."

Mr. Kaihani organized a multiracial gathering that quickly broke down into dancing and singing, which can be seen at this link

"I am honored to have friends such as Mr. Kaihani, who have stood beside me from the very beginning of my entry into politics 2 years ago," said Famela Ramos. "I am running to be a unifier, I encourage dialogue, and as you can see from the video, my supporters are of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions."

Famela Ramos is a nurse, a mother of 4 kids, with a child in the Chula Vista Elementary School District. She is a published biomedical researcher, Board Member of Silent Voices, a 501c3, Founder of the Right to Try Foundation, and Director of Business Development for the publicly traded biotechnology company Therapeutic Solutions International. Famela is also host of the internationally renowned "Famela and Friends" Radio Talk Show.

Famela is endorsed by sitting School Board Members such as TJ Zane, Jill Barto, Esther Valdes, internationally renowned businessman such as founder of the $20 billion company ResMed Dr. Peter Farrell, bioRASI founder Dr. Boris Reznik, whose organization led over 100 drugs through development, and Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International. Numerous other personalities have endorsed Famela including NFL Hall of Famer Wes Chandler, Mayors Brian Maryott and Richard Bailey, as well as Senators Joel Anderson and Brian Jones.

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