Chris Martin surprises Kelly Clarkson by singing the Korean verses of Coldplay and BTS' new single

Coldplay singer Chris Martin surprised talk show host and fellow singer Kelly Clarkson today when he sang in Korean while performing an acoustic version of the new Coldplay and BTS collaborative single “My Universe” on her talk show.

“You are my universe”: Martin, 44, went on the “Kelly Clarkson Show” to discuss and solo-perform the song his band did with the K-pop superstar group BTS on the same day that the song was pre-released, Sept. 24.

  • In his performance, Martin sang not only his parts but also the Korean-language verses sung by the members of BTS.

  • When he started to sing in Korean, he smiled brightly, and Clarkson looked at him seemingly surprised by his attempt. She says later in encouragement, “Go ahead.”

  • He also sang in Korean in a solo performance at the Apollo Theater in Harlem earlier in the day, according to Meaww.

  • The collaboration was teased earlier this month by both BTS’ and Coldplay’s respective TikTok pages.

  • Coldplay traveled to South Korea to record the song with the K-pop group.

  • Before collaborating with Coldplay, BTS member Kim Taehyung, also popularly known as V, had expressed admiration for the popular British rock band, the South China Morning Post reported.

  • The single is going to be a part of Coldplay’s upcoming album “Music of the Spheres,” which will be released Oct. 15.

“I meet you with a smile”: Fans of both Coldplay and BTS were shocked and excited to see the singer make an attempt to sing in a language that he wasn’t familiar with.

Featured Image via The Kelly Clarkson Show

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