Chris Finch returns to Milwaukee, where his Timberwolves' coaching career started

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Oct. 28—Timberwolves coach Chris Finch actually felt a sense of nostalgia as he walked into the team hotel Tuesday in Milwaukee.

"If you can be nostalgic after eight months," Finch said.

The Wisconsin city is where he got his start as an NBA head coach last winter, as part of a whirlwind 48 hours in which he was hired in the middle of the season, flew to Milwaukee, attended his virtual introductory press conference Monday and coached against the Bucks on Tuesday.

"I've had some crazy basketball experiences," Finch said. "But that was unique."

To top it all off, Minnesota played a back to back. The day after a 27-point loss to Milwaukee, the Wolves went to Chicago and lost in overtime. Finch was coaching on the fly while trying to meet as many people and learn as many things as possible.

"It was just a whirlwind," Finch said. "I thought we played well in that little two-game set, but didn't win, obviously."


Champlin Park product McKinley Wright was sent down to Iowa this week to join the G-League team in Des Moines. The two-way guard will bounce back and forth between Iowa and Minnesota this season.

Finch hopes Wright learns "stuff around the system" as he works his way through the early stages of his rookie season.

"I think he can do a better job of being a pace guard, living in the paint early, like within the first 10 seconds of the offense," Finch said. "He didn't necessarily have that kind of platform or opportunity with us. In practice he was OK at it, but I think he can be better. Just learning the game, particularly pick-and-roll reads, it's a different level than college. Mostly pick and roll is run for the ball handler exclusively there and then of course shooting. We want him to stay confident and shoot the ball well within the flow of the offense. Just put the time in to get his reps up in the shooting."

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