Chloé's New Digital ID Will Streamline Fashion Resale Forever

Chloé's new digital ID is set to change the way we see fashion resale, making it even easier to trace the origins of your pre-loved pieces and to sell them after you're done.

Dubbed Chloé Vertical, the new innovation includes an ownership certificate which enables its owner to resell the item through the secondhand marketplace Vestiaire Collective. The introduction of the new ID marks an industry first for fashion resale, allowing for unparalleled transparency and access.

Users will be able to scan a QR code on their garment and trace the item's journey, from the beginning of its manufacture all the way to the end result. For those who then wish to sell their item in the future, they'll be able to access a dedicated platform, developed in collaboration with Vestiaire Collective.

Beginning with the brand's Spring/Summer 2023 collection, the initiative is set to include all clothing, shoes and bags, expanding to include the brand's entire product offering by 2025.

Head to the brand's website for more information.