Chipotle to host fundraiser for local animal shelter

Oct. 4—HICKORY — The Cats' Cradle is a nonprofit animal rescue serving the Unifour area that has been operated solely by volunteers since 1999. This weekend, the animal rescue asks the community to lend their support.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, Chipotle in Hickory will donate 33% of their sales from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. to the Cats' Cradle animal rescue. These funds will help support spay, neuter, and other medical procedures to ensure the cats are healthy and ready to be adopted into a loving home.

Customers can offer support either online by ordering Chipotle for pickup using code NZ8CRE9 or in-store by mentioning Cats' Cradle's name at checkout.

Cats' Cradle is committed to being a no-kill shelter.

"We spend lots of money on spay, neuter, and vaccinations," said Lynda Garibaldi, director of Cats' Cradle. "Vet bills are our biggest expense because most of the cats are homeless stray cats. Some of them come in with injuries and illness, and we spend quite a bit taking care of them."

The animal rescue is operated strictly on donations and through the hard work and dedication of volunteers and the foster network.

"People have been very generous in supporting the special needs cats that need surgeries and other medical care," said Garibaldi. "Anyone who cares about animals, and especially cats, the funds will be providing direct care of the cats. It's a good cause."

Garibaldi and some of her volunteers will be at Chipotle on Saturday with a table set up to speak to people and answer any questions about the adoption process.

Additionally, the PetSmart in Hickory will have cats that are vetted and available for adoption.

Currently, Cats' Cradle does not have a central location. Instead, they operate as a foster network, which means people foster cats in their homes. The PetSmarts in Hickory and Morganton also hold adoption shows every month.

Garibaldi said that the animal rescue is in the process of looking for land to build a no-kill cat adoption center and sanctuary.

"We would appreciate a donation to our building fund, as well," she said.

Kristen Sellers, a volunteer for Cats' Cradle, coordinated this event with Chipotle. She urges the community to offer their support in any way to keep the animal rescue in operation.

"Anyone who wants to volunteer to clean cages, that is super helpful," she said. "Or if anyone has the time and availability to foster, that would be great. We get calls constantly about cats needing places to go, we're overloaded at this point, but we try to help as much as we can. If anybody wants to adopt, fill out an application."

"We love what we do," Sellers continued. "We love the animals we work with. I've adopted a few of my fosters, and I take in pregnant cats all the time. Even if people can take in strays and get them fixed, it's always a great help."

The Chipotle is located at 1770 U.S. Highway 70 SE in Hickory.

Individuals interested in donating to the Cats' Cradle animal shelter can send donations to P.O. Box 1915, Morganton, 28680 or via PayPal.

Visit or follow The Cats' Cradle of NC on Facebook and other social media for more information.