Chinese Woman Goes Viral After Hitting Boss With Mop for Alleged Harassment

A woman has gone viral on Chinese social media after hitting her boss with a mop over inappropriate text messages.

What happened: The woman, a government worker from northeastern China who has been identified only as Zhou, was caught on video fighting back after her boss had allegedly harassed her, the New York Times reported.

  • In the 14-minute Weibo video, which has been watched millions of times, Zhou pours water over her boss.

  • Zhou also throws books at his face and beats him with a mop while he tries to apologize.

  • She claims that she received unwanted text messages from him three times, and he reportedly sent similar ones to Zhou's co-workers.

The aftermath: Zhou’s boss, who has been identified as Wang, was fired after the incident, according to The Independent.

  • Zhou filed a police report about her boss last week, and the authorities were allegedly looking into her report before the video of her went viral.

  • It is unclear when this confrontation took place.

  • She has not been disciplined, and several social media users have commended her bravery and her demand for justice.

Feature Image via 月下笛

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