China’s Huasheng Media Launches Hao, First Globally Distributed Bilingual Title

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LONDON – China’s fashion publishing giant Huasheng Media is launching in September its first bilingual, and globally distributed fashion and lifestyle title: Hao Magazine.

The publisher said the new title, whose publishing permit is under the Shenzhen Women’s Federation, will release eight issues a year, with a focus on culture, fashion, lifestyle, and social responsibilities.

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Chuxuan Feng, founder of Huasheng Media, said Hao, which means goodness in Chinese, aims to “introduce new perspectives on gender topics to the media community in China and tell China stories in terms of social progress in the present tense, unprecedentedly.

“By continuously curating world-class interviews and cutting-edge visual arts of consistent values around enduring themes of all times with caring for people in mind, we seek to convey the country’s pursuits in fields of fashion, culture, all-area creative contents and thereby national development to all readers in the Chinese community as well as educated readers rooted in different cultures across the world,” he added.

The publisher released visuals online for its issue 0 on Tuesday, with Chinese actor Jin Boran fronting the cover. The 370-page issue, which is be distributed online and in a limited print run, also features seven editorials, two stories, and a series of feature reports. Over 30 artists and 60 industry professionals – including stylist Jojo Qian, men’s wear designer Xander Zhou, and photographers Trunk Xu and Yu Cong – contributed to this issue.

“They are curated to elaborate essentially three topics in the scope of China – evolving aesthetics in fashion design, the concept of goodwill as part of humanity, as well as approaches to perform corporate social responsibility,” Xuan said, adding that they also reflected “both the initial motivation of the Hao editorial team, which is to extract cultural aesthetics out of real world experience, and the cornerstone for a media entity to establish itself upon, which is to prevent the debasement of real world experience into hallucination and false ideas.”

Hao was originally scheduled to be revealed in April, but it was postponed due to fresh outbreaks of the coronavirus.

The magazine will be distributed in over 70 cities in China and its English version will be available in 100 independent bookstores across more than 15 countries.

Backed by one of China’s most prominent media conglomerates CMC Inc., Huasheng Media is also the producer behind the Chinese editions of T Magazine, The New York Times Travel Magazine, Kinfolk, WSJ Magazine, Wallpaper, Nylon, Drift, and Fathers Magazine.


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