Chillicothe celebrates 2023 Ohio Loves Transit Week

CHILLICOTHE— Every segment of Ohio – businesses, communities, individuals and families – benefits from public transportation. It is an essential service that enhances economic development and insures sustainable lifestyles and a higher quality of life.

The Chillicothe Transit System provides over 100,000 trips each year helping to create and maintain jobs that are essential in keeping our communities strong. It connects friends and neighbors to jobs, schools, medical appointments and much more. Chillicothe Transit provides a lifeline for many in the community.

“We have worked hard to provide a transit system that supports the needs of the community, from allowing seniors to age in place and maintain their freedom to supporting local businesses by ensuring transportation is not a barrier to the workforce they need," said Mayor Luke Feeney. "Our redesign of transit last year has allowed us to provide reliable, accessible, and convenient transportation options that our community wants, needs, and deserves.”

The agency works to ensure all citizens have access to the transportation services they need to remain an active part of the community. It continues to meet the daily mobility needs of Ohio’s growing senior population as well as keep up with the capital need to move workers, students, and those without access to their own vehicles.

Transit drives the economy, with statistics showing that every $1 invested in public transit generates $4 in economic return. Whether getting to area shopping centers, local airports, libraries, parks, bike trails or countless other destinations transit will get you there.

From Feb. 5 through Feb. 11 the Chillicothe Transit System will celebrate elected officials and stakeholders as well as the communities and riders during Ohio Loves Transit Week. The sixth annual Ohio Loves Transit Week will include activities with transit customers all week, peaking on Ohio Loves Transit Day on Tuesday, Feb. 7.

The community, whether a first-time rider or transit regular, is encouraged to utilize Chillicothe Transit next week for a chance to play Transit Trivia with Ross County Health District’s Mobility Manager, Traci Harris. Whether riding fixed routes, using an on-demand ride, or jumping on the trolley, riders will have an opportunity to answer trivia questions for various prizes.

During the week riders are also asked to share why they support public transit and why our state and federal leaders should too.

Ohio Loves Transit Week is hosted by the Ohio Public Transit Association (OPTA). OPTA is the primary advocate for public transportation in Ohio. Now over 500 members strong from 67 transit agencies across the state, the association provides leadership, resources, training, support, technical assistance, media outreach, public engagement, and governmental relations services to public and private transit agencies.

This article originally appeared on Chillicothe Gazette: Chillicothe celebrates 2023 Ohio Loves Transit Week