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Producer Vicasso


Seattle, Washington, April 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- No Fortune will be covering the back story about music industry producer Vicasso and the journey of his rise as a beat maker.

Victor "Vicasso" Earl Todd Jr. is a Hip Hop and Rap producer and an instrumental creator from Jackson, Alabama. Vicasso is currently based in the music mecca of Mobile, Alabama where talent, art, and a need for instrumentals is the lifeline of the craft. At 14 is when Vicasso started making music but the hunger and skills have always been in his blood from a very young age. Dreams of making it big and really putting his footprint in the music industry were always on the horizon even though he came from a small town (4k Population). "What inspires and motivates me to make music, the support from my hometown and people as a whole, knowing somebody else out there wanna see me win, and shoutout to MGM Lett and my manager Mikey, them 2 of my biggest inspirations, that I can see in myself day to day," Vicasso emphasizes. Now, his music being in numerous places around the world has helped Victor with the proper exposure he knows he deserves. With what might seem like big dreams to us, Vicasso is always thinking ahead and knows it's in his blood to be the next major beat producer for the industry.

Victor started really getting submerged in the industry in the fall of 2018, when his beat-making skills propelled him to the forefront of the culture. Constantly making beats and sending them out to various artists kept him relevant with the hottest sound around, making a Vicasso beat the sought-after commodity. This constant pursuit of instrumental creation became a strong force when several mainstream artists used Victor's beats in their projects, exposing the world to the skill Vicasso had been honing all along. Even though it's hard for producers to get the recognition they deserve right away, Vicasso's past experience and knowledge helped him along the way. Speaking on his favorite collaboration thus far, he tells us, "I'm trying to recall, My favorite collaboration is with NoCap and Jefe Da Youngin the song called '2 Bonds.' And it’s some bout that specific song just give me chills, a lot of events leading up to that collaboration let’s just say that."

From making beats on his phone to producing and creating the sound we hear today, Vicasso sees no end in sight. Although he hasn't dropped his own project yet, the list of hits on Victor's resume keeps growing. He always has the bigger picture in mind and is working towards earning that sought-after Grammy nomination in his future. Although Vicasso has already had a placement on the Billboard 100 with one of his beats being featured on a track in #29th place, he continues to work and get involved in the different aspects of the music culture, always staying relevant. "I always say I don’t know, but with the goals I got, I should be a Grammy-nominated and platinum producer by then," he shares, speaking on his goals and legacy.

Amongst various other accomplishments, Vicasso is also building out a producer team that is poised to take over the music business."Dosavart is a music production team, I started a couple of months ago, we got a lot of talent. Dosavart will expand to a record label and studio in the near future. Dosavart is an abbreviated meaning that stands for “the dose of art” I came up with earlier this year." Look out for the producer clique in the near future as his catalog begins to expand.

Giving advice to his fellow producers, Vicasso shares, "Never stop grinding, always work, the time you take off your grind, is more time for you to get comfortable, you don’t want to get comfortable!" His followers are constantly on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what collaboration Vicasso, who is definitely the next up-and-coming producer, puts together. Follow and stay tuned to see one of the greats on the rise.

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