In-Charge Energy Announces Innovative Hardware Products For Commercial EV Charging

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Four New Products Offer Charging Safety, Accessibility and Curb Appeal for Fleets

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In-Charge Energy, the industry leader in turnkey commercial fleet EV infrastructure solutions, has announced its latest hardware offerings for fleet EV charging. These innovative products address the unique reliability, durability, accessibility and serviceability needs of fleet owners, managers and drivers – from nighttime visibility and safety to ruggedness for extreme weather conditions.

Built with driver convenience in mind, the In-Charge Energy DC Wall Box Pedestal features cable retractors and convenience lighting.
Built with driver convenience in mind, the In-Charge Energy DC Wall Box Pedestal features cable retractors and convenience lighting.

"A well-designed charging infrastructure can optimize an entire fleet, reducing the total cost of ownership for fleet managers while increasing reliability," said Paul Glenney, Executive Director of Customer Success at In-Charge Energy, who oversees hardware product development. "User-friendly charging options are critical for a smooth transition to electrified fleets, and we're excited to produce pioneering hardware products that will help quicken the pace of this transition."

In-Charge Energy has developed and designed a suite of hardware products that solve for some of the fleet sector's biggest charging challenges. The brand's proprietary products create safer, tidier and more accessible charging areas for drivers in all types of conditions – whether they stop to charge in the middle of the night or in the middle of the desert on a summer day.

In-Charge Energy's fleet-specific charging hardware products include:

  • DC Wall Box Pedestal with cable retractors and convenience lighting

  • High-Powered DC Pedestal

  • Mobile Charge Cart

  • Cable Retractor Kit

In-Charge Energy also has multiple agreements to resell compatible hardware from premium manufacturers, including ABB, Juicebar, Flo, Chargepoint, Delta and Infy, among others. With these agreements, In-Charge can resell different hardware types, allowing them to better serve their customers with an efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

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About In-Charge Energy
In-Charge Energy is on the frontlines of large-scale emissions reduction, accelerating the electrification of the transportation industry – one commercial fleet at a time. With end-to-end, turnkey solutions for commercial EV infrastructure projects, In-Charge Energy equips fleet managers with the top brands in charging hardware and software; customized hardware and software products; short-, mid- and long-range plans for seamless fleet and facilities transition to EVs; financing; and maintenance and corrective repairs over the life of the charging assets.

In-Charge develops innovative hardware, software and services designed and engineered specifically for fleets, such as service-dispatch-integrated software, fleet-management-integrated software, electricity load management, durable cable management products and high-reliability maintenance, repair and warranty services. Whether a fleet has 200 sedans or 20,000 Class 8 trucks, the team at In-Charge serves a diverse clientele throughout North America, including major commercial fleets, truck and bus manufacturers, rideshare operators, EV manufacturers, school districts, municipalities and facilities owners, among many others.

Headquartered in the world's first zero-emissions deliver zone in Santa Monica, Calif., In-Charge Energy was founded by EV industry veterans Cameron Funk and Terry O'Day. The company has additional operations in San Francisco, Michigan and Virginia.

More information about In-Charge Energy and its services can be found at You can also follow In-Charge on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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