Chanel and Dior Top China Luxury Brands Ranking

SHANGHAI-Chinese shoppers are crazy for Chanel, according to a new ranking by Agility Luxury Brand Affinity. The French maison was the top-rated brand out of 55 tracked names by the Singaporean-headquartered firm Agility Research.

The research was based off a survey of 1,000 luxury shoppers in 40 different Chinese cities. The cut off for the sampling was an income of 400,000 renminbi, and within that group, 300 respondents were classified as high net worth with $1 million or more in investable assets.

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Each brand was given a score, measured across 12 metrics: salience, gifting, purchasing, sustainability, trust, customer centricity, recommendation, influence, admiration, service, social responsibility, and perceived equity.

Chanel scored extremely highly: rated 99 out of 100. “The marque has been able to keep up its position across multiple product categories but most notably in fashion,” the report said.

While the top spot was not much of a surprise, second-place Dior was less expected. It scored 87 rating highly on salience but lower on dimensions of trust, admiration, and social responsibility.

Dior has really risen in terms of perception from our affluent pool here almost to the place where Louis Vuitton used to be. I think Louis Vuitton is not viewed as influential as perhaps you might have seen in the past,” said James Roy, a director at Agility’s Shanghai office.

Hermès was the number three brand with a score of 83. Its brand stature and strength are second to none. However, it comes in third only because of its performance on behavior metrics–gifting, recommendation, and purchase.

Fourth position was a three-way tie by Lancôme, Estee Lauder, and Gucci, all with a score of 77. Lancôme and Estee Lauder are the first exclusive beauty brands appearing on the list and their performances are comparable across metrics.

Gucci meanwhile did exceptionally well on both brand strength and stature–survey respondents put it on par with the big three luxury brands but it fell short on behavior metrics, which Agility put down to consumers prioritizing bigger brands when it comes to spending.

Rolex, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Armani round out the top 10 in that order.


1. Chanel – 99
2. Dior – 87
3. Hermès – 83
4. Lancôme – 77
4. Gucci – 77
4. Estée Lauder – 77
7. Rolex – 76
8. Cartier – 69
9. Louis Vuitton – 68
10. Armani – 64
11. Shiseido – 62
12. Yves Saint Laurent – 61
13. Bvlgari – 60
13. SK-II – 60
15. Balenciaga – 58
15. Tiffany – 58
17. Coach – 54
18. Swarovski – 53
18. Burberry – 53
18. Prada – 53


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