Celebrate Pride Month with a virtual drag show

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Celebrate Pride Month with a virtual drag show right before your eyes! Yahoo RYOT Lab has rolled out an augmented reality (AR) experience featuring drag queens representing the Transgender, Pansexual and Non-Binary communities.

Here’s how to watch:

  1. Using your desktop or mobile device, expand the embed window or scan the QR code below.

  2. Click the audio button and turn up the music.

  3. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Created by Yahoo RYOT Lab
Created by Yahoo RYOT Lab

Hear from the creator

We spoke with the project's Art Director Alexandra Boden about her inspiration behind the project, and how the joy of Pride and spirit of the LGBTQ+ community helped inform her design choices.

"For me, Pride is a collective celebration of individuality and living one's truth, and also a celebration of the bravery required to live your truth. When I set out to come up with the designs, I focused on the one feeling I had at my first Pride: overwhelming joy."

As someone who "adores" drag culture, Boden set out to capture the same energy in the project.

"The playfulness, exaggeration, talent, and larger-than-life energy evokes in me a childlike sense of awe, while drag philosophy and the idea of creating one's real self through drag "realness" evokes in me a much more grown-up sense of awe."

Boden was also careful to be respectful and inclusive in her depictions, noting she "didn't want the Queens to be misinterpreted as cis-women; they had to read as drag." 

"All of the designs feature exaggerated body proportions as an homage to the lengths that real drag queens go with padding, cinching, and tucking various body parts to achieve their desired shape. Each of their outfits has the inclusive Pride rainbow, and the hair, skin, nails, and boots on the Queens each represent one of three other identity flags: the transgender flag, the pansexual flag, and the non-binary flag."

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