Catch or no catch? Browns TE David Njoku’s touchdown vs. Ravens stirs debate

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It’s a question as old as football itself: catch or no catch?

Late in the third quarter of Sunday night’s game in Baltimore, Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku caught a 20-yard touchdown pass to cut the Ravens’ lead to 13-10. After Njoku slid to the ground to cradle the ball before crossing the goal line, the official at the near pylon signaled touchdown on the field.

Upon further review, the officials ruled that Njoku made the catch, but it appeared as if the ball might have hit the ground.

The official NFL Officiating Twitter account agreed with the officials’ decision, ruling that “there was no clear and obvious visual evidence to overturn the call on the field.” On the “Sunday Night Football” broadcast, rules analyst Terry McAulay also agreed with the decision to uphold the catch.

That didn’t stop the debate online, with some fans even sharing close-ups of the moment in which the ball might have made contact with the M&T Bank Stadium turf.

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