Carrie-Anne Moss Joins 'Horizon Forbidden West' In New Story Trailer

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With its official release date just a month away, Sony and Guerilla Games have now released a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, giving fans a closer look at the upcoming game's storyline.

Featured above, the new clip explains the premise of why returning hero Aloy decides to venture out into the Pacific Coast, the sequel's main setting. "The land is dying. People are suffering. Soon, they'll starve," she explains. "The machines, meant to help us, are out of control. I have to find a way to fix it all. The answer is somewhere out in the Forbidden West."

We quickly learn that the Forbidden West is a warring region full of tribes and guilds, with one of Aloy's main threats being a group of rebels ruled by Regalla, portrayed by Black Panther's Angela Bassett. According to the trailer, she works for a higher power that has granted her the ability to control the machines in order to "slaughter all those who've wronged her."

Finally, at the end of the clip, we find out that — unsurprisingly — Aloy isn't the only one looking for answers, and her journey brings her to Tilda, a mysterious figure played by The Matrix veteran Carrie-Anne Moss.

Horizon Forbidden West arrives on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18.

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