Cardi B shares her acne struggles on Twitter

Cardi B shared her acne struggles on Twitter, asking fans and fellow celebrities for any skincare advice that could help her out. The 28-year-old rapper explained that she’d been experiencing breakouts for three months... and couldn’t figure out if it was related to the products she was using or the water in California, where she is currently staying. She also shared a photo calling the breakout on her cheek “really uncomfortable”. Some Twitter users flagged a potential cause: . The fact that Cardi shared that her dermatologist had recently recommended she start using retinol. a lot of retinol users can experience dryness or skin purging — a reaction from increased cell turnover that can look like a breakout — during the first few weeks of use. Singer Kehlani recommended a Los Angeles-based facialist and Cardi tweeted that she would give her fans an update in two weeks