Sweet! Candy Crush has launched three binge-worthy mini-games, and they’re oh-so satisfying

Kristine Solomon
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We don’t know about you, but we could use a good distraction as this very...eventful year comes to a close. Why not send off 2020 with a bang? Or, rather, a proper explosion of colorbombs, coconut wheels and striped candy-Swedish fish combos?

Yep, that sugar rush you feel coming on is Candy Crush Saga’s holiday in-game event! The most binge-worthy game on Earth has gifted us with three festive mini-games that are beckoning us back to the colorful Candy Kingdom.

Candy Crush’s mini-games — Sweet Winter Memories, Yeti’s Sleigh Ride and Gift Delivery — are jam-packed with all things “tasty” and “divine.” And they’re inspired by many of the faces you’ve grown to love, like spirited Tiffi, adorable Dachs and even the Bubblegum Troll!

Each day you play these mini-games, a new level is unlocked, and you have three attempts per day to complete each level to earn irresistible rewards, like hours of free candies, boosters and more.

Get your fix of Candy Crush with three new holiday mini-games that are Yeti-approved! (Photo: Candy Crush)
Get your fix of Candy Crush with three new holiday mini-games that are Yeti-approved! (Photo: Candy Crush)

First-timer? Well, you’re in for a treat!

There’s a reason Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games of all time, downloaded more than three billion times on all five continents since it first launched eight years ago. Actually, there are plenty of reasons — so the game’s designers are hesitant to put their finger on just one.

Candy Crush level designer Rasmus Eriksson says players just really dig bright, juicy-looking candies they can really sink their teeth into. He says the appeal of Candy Crush is that it’s different for everyone.

“You can really play the game any way you want,” Eriksson tells Yahoo Life. “You can compare yourself to friends and family and be very competitive. Or we have players who like to play the game just to relax, to really unwind after a hard day at work or what have you.”

Ready for your holiday fix? Curl up on the couch where it’s warm — or in some of the more curious places people love to play Candy Crush Saga, like the bathroom, doctor’s office....and even at church! Then transport yourself to the vibrant winter wonderlands of Candy Town Square and beyond.

Download Candy Crush Saga now!

Been crushing on Candy Crush Saga? The designers just gave you more tasty, holiday-themed mini-games to get hooked on. (Photo: Candy Crush)
Been crushing on Candy Crush Saga? The designers just gave you more tasty, holiday-themed mini-games to get hooked on. (Photo: Candy Crush)

Sweet Winter Memories

You’re on thin ice with this winter adventure...and that’s a good thing. Just crack your way through the crystal candies and swipe away layers of thick, creamy frosting to get to the goodies beneath.

The typical Candy Crush rules apply here — you’re looking to combine candies, make cascades, pop popcorn and activate boosters to ultimately clear the board. But of course there are obstacles galore, like evil spawners, problematic waffles and all that darn jelly and marmalade. Portals can help you change your perspective on the board and open up new opportunities for epic crushing.

Each level is inspired by characters like Yeti, Tiffi and Dachs. The goal is to complete all five levels and reap your reward for each. In the end, you’ll have conquered the Sweet Winter Memories mini-game — and victory is sweet indeed. It includes a treasure chest filled with lollipop hammers and other tantalizing treats!

Yeti’s Sleigh Ride

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...but that’s not stopping Yeti from playing Santa this year, and he needs your help collecting candies for a special holiday delivery to residents of the Candy Kingdom. This chipper creature puts the ‘slay’ in sleigh ride!

You have to complete a mini-quest to qualify, but once you do, it’s game on! You’ll be put in a leaderboard of 30 as you start your sugar-paved journey in Candy Town Square and slip-slide through Fantastic Forest, Lemonade Lake and Chocolate Mountain until you finally reach the legendary Popsicle Pole. If you top the leaderboard, you’ll get rewarded richly and progress to the next league.

Lick all the levels in this mini-game, and the rewards will rain down on you — think six hours of colorbombs or striped-candies, a free switch and even a UFO!

Gift Delivery

Yeti, Dachs, and other beloved characters in the Candy Kingdom are going to need your help passing levels — and the more levels you pass, the more rewards you get. Simple, but so satisfying!

After completing two levels, enjoy a free colorbomb to set off delightful on-screen explosions. Complete six levels and you’re entitled to a colorbomb and a striped candy. Things are getting intense! And if you complete all 13 levels of this mega-challenge? Savor a colorbomb, a lollipop hammer and a striped wrapped candy. All that’s missing are visions of sugarplums!

But more importantly, you’ll be set up for success as you venture further out into the Land of Ooo. It’s a delicious journey — and losing yourself while winning festive prizes is all part of the fun!

Download Candy Crush Saga now!

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