Light the best candles in any room for a fragrant and soothing experience

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White candle with white rose
White candle with white rose

If you love to relax at home, have a top-notch self-care routine, or simply want your space to smell great, candles are a top product to achieve these goals. They are a powerful yet cost-effective way to replace any unpleasant scents with aromatic and pleasant ones. A high-end candle enhances the ambiance of any room while also improving your overall mood, which makes them perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

Since people have different preferences for fragrance, candles are available in an array of choices. From strong fruity and delicate floral aromas to scents that mimic your favorite foods, there is so much variety to choose from. To help you pick a high-end product for desirable results, we reviewed the premium candles of 2022, which not only deliver a pleasant aromatic experience but also last for a long time. You can find the perfect candles for your needs with our comprehensive buying guide.

Top Picks

Best overall: Chesapeake Bay Scented Candle

The soft colored frosted jar candles allow the light of the flame to shine through when burning
The soft colored frosted jar candles allow the light of the flame to shine through when burning

This Chesapeake Bay Candle is designed specifically for aromatherapy use, featuring mellow scents to create a calm and serene environment in the space of your choosing. Each candle is poured into a soft-colored jar, so you can see the flame shining through when burning. This product is available in a medium-sized jar and boasts over two days of burn time. It is made from a natural soy wax blend with a self-trimming wick, ensuring no harmful impact on your health. The jars do not leak any melted wax, providing a neat and clean burning experience. We have noted this product as the best overall because of its environmentally friendly material and prioritization of soothing, calming formulas.

Key Features:

  • Burn time of 50 hours

  • Natural, calming scents

  • Made from a natural soy wax blend

  • Jars are 100% recyclable

Best large candle: Yankee Large Jar Candle

This scent takes you to an alluring grove filled with lavender, white, and deep purple lilacs
This scent takes you to an alluring grove filled with lavender, white, and deep purple lilacs

This option from Yankee features an alluring blend of floral scents in a large jar, providing you with a mild yet pleasant fragrance in any setting. It offers a long burn time for multiple days of use, ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck. Made from high-quality paraffin wax and a natural fiber candlewick, this candle delivers clear and consistent burning without any distortion. It comes in a lightweight and compact jar with a high rim, so you can place it in a range of spots without any inconvenience. This product is made from natural and recyclable material, causing no harmful impact on your health and the environment. It is available in multiple scent choices and different sizes, so you can pick one to match your preferences.

Key Features:

  • Burn time of 110 to 150 hours

  • Available in many sizes and scents

  • Paraffin wax candle of 22 ounces

  • Jars are 100% recyclable

Best fragrance options: Glade Candle

Artfully-crafted scent with fresh notes of monoi blossom, elderflower, and coconut milk
Artfully-crafted scent with fresh notes of monoi blossom, elderflower, and coconut milk

This pick from Glade is a 3-wick candle that comes in a three-pack and is available in an assortment of fragrances, allowing you to choose from a great variety of options. They boast an artfully-crafted scent, enabling you to create a calming sensation in any room. Additionally, with several candles in one purchase, you can keep them in several rooms without needing to move them. They are infused with essential oils to provide a long-lasting, relaxing experience. This product comes in a lightweight and compact size, so you can fit them in a small section of any room for air freshening.

Key Features:

  • Safe for indoor or outdoor use

  • Infused with Glade essential oils

  • Each candle is 6.8 ounces

  • Available in 16 different scents

Premium material: Mrs. Meyer’s Scented Soy Candles

Lead-free, long burning candle wick burns for 35 hours for a long-lasting Lavender scent
Lead-free, long burning candle wick burns for 35 hours for a long-lasting Lavender scent

This pack of two Mrs. Meyer’s Scented Soy Candles are formulated specifically for indoor use. They are made from renewable soy and vegetable wax, ensuring no harmful impact on your health and surroundings. Each candle is long-burning and eliminates the need for constant changing and purchasing. This product releases a calming floral scent into the air, allowing you to receive aromatherapy's benefits effortlessly. Furthermore, they are available in four unique yet soothing flavors, so you can pick something to match your mental state. Each candle jar is made from recyclable glass for easy and environmentally friendly disposal once used, or providing an opportunity for upcycling into handy storage jars.

Key Features:

  • Made from cruelty-free soy and vegetable wax, with lead-free wicks

  • Burn time of 35 hours

  • Recyclable or reusable glass jar

  • Available in four scents

High-intensity burn and scents: Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle

Solid brown glass with white barn label
Solid brown glass with white barn label

This final option is a Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles which delivers intense scents and burn. Each candle is made with natural essential oils and features pleasant scents that allow you to relax and unwind after a stressful day. This item comes with an elegant jar, so you can place it in any room and it will look great with any decor. These candles can burn for hours for long-lasting use and enjoyment. Furthermore, this pick is available in three unique and intense aromas, so you can choose one to match your desired effect and preferred scents.

Key Features:

  • Available in mahogany teakwood, eucalyptus, and bergamot scents

  • Burn time of 25 to 45 hours

  • Made with lead-free wicks and vegetable wax

Finding your next candle: A buyer’s guide

Selecting a new candle can be overwhelming, especially with how many brands and scents are available on the market. Fortunately, with our comprehensive buying guide, you can make an informed decision based on a range of factors.

Types of wax used in candles

You will find the majority of high-end candles made from the following materials. Some candles are made from one material, while others are a blend.


Soy is the most common candle wax. It provides an even burn, so the candle melts slowly and evenly from all sides. Soy candles are primarily available in strong floral scents, providing a pleasing aroma. The raw material is generally soft and may develop a frosted appearance in clear glass containers.

You may also find soy candles mixed with paraffin, offering a sturdier and harder texture. They are environmentally friendly, leaving no harmful impact on the health and minimal impact on the surroundings. They have a lower melting point which means they last much longer than other candles. Soy is a bit more expensive than other wax types but delivers an incredibly intense aroma that is well worth the investment.


Paraffin is among the most affordable types of wax. This variety is among the most commonly available materials on the market. Because of its availability, paraffin wax candles come in many different fragrances and colors. It also has different melting points, making it ideal for all locations.

Besides effective aromatherapy, paraffin also provides effective heat therapy for better blood circulation, relaxing muscles, and releasing stress from joints. Because of its rigid structure, paraffin is available in different shapes and designs, including free-form candles. However, they have a reduced burn time than other types of wax.


Beeswax candles provide users with a slow-burning product that does not deteriorate quickly. They feature natural aromatics, but honey's main fragrance stays prominent even after mixing with fragrance oils. They are much more enduring and long-lasting but cost twice as much as other waxes.

Choosing the perfect candle

Unsure about which one is right for you and your space? Keep these factors in mind when choosing a new candle.

Intended use

The intended use of a candle is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best one. For most people, candles are just for the fragrance, while others try to improve their current health conditions. For instance, people looking for heat therapy should opt for a paraffin candle but if you instead are prioritizing fragrance, choose a soy wax candle.


Candles spread a noticeable aroma throughout a space. Opting for a scent that you don't like can result in unwanted irritation and lack of use. Some people like floral scents like lily and lavender, while others prefer more potent earthy aromas like acorn or cinnamon. Just make sure that your product does not leave you feeling irritated. Picking the wrong fragrance might also not provide you with the desired effect. Going with a strong aroma might not let you relax and unwind compared to soft, herbal notes like eucalyptus or lavender which are highly praised for their aromatherapy benefits.


Are these candles for home use, or do you want to give them as a present? Gift candles should be more focused on intriguing scents and container aesthetics to help you make a memorable impression. On the other hand, if you plan to burn your candle at home, the relevant fragrance and adequate quantity are enough to do the job. Several options are available with the decor in mind, ranging from gorgeous glass jars to unique shapes, allowing you to choose something beautiful.

Fragrance notes for every situation

Let's talk about the different fragrances and scents, and what is the perfect occasion to use them.


If you want to relax and unwind after a stressful day, enjoy the mellow fragrances of your favorite plants. Floral and herbal candles are designed to release stress from your nerves, ensuring that you forget about the day’s frustrations. They are used extensively in restaurants, hotels, and spas. Lavender, sandalwood, and eucalyptus are some of the most common scents for relaxation. The perfect place for relaxing candles in the bedroom or bathroom.


Candles with invigorating scents can help you improve focus and become more productive. People who have a hard time completing tasks or remaining fully concentrated on something can enhance their performance with a refreshing candle. These are often placed in offices or living rooms and can include scents such as lemon or peppermint.


During cold weather, rooms can start to feel stuffy. This is where fresh scents come in. These candles feature tropical aromas and light notes meant to activate your happy hormones and instantly improve your mood. Fresh scented candles can be used anywhere around the house and in offices. They usually feature notes like berries, citrus, and juniper.


Candles are a great atmospheric addition to any romantic evening. If you are looking forward to a night with your partner, boost the mood with vanilla, rose, or other floral scents. You can place them in any bedroom. Sensual candles are a great way to improve mood, but overly intense scents can be distracting or overwhelming.

Candle etiquette and maintenance

Although a classy and helpful product, candles require some care and attention for a safe and fulfilling experience. Here is a list of important candle etiquette or maintenance considerations.


Professionals recommend burning your candle for between at least one hour and four hours if you want sufficient scent in a room. If you just opened the product for the first time, try burning it for longer to obtain a sufficient melt pool all around the container. Never burn a candle for over four hours as the wax can get hot and could compromise the container’s structure. The fragrance can also become overly intense and can cause a headache or other irritation.


In general, you should trim the candle’s wick before opening the seal and after each burn. Lighting a fire on the burnt section of the wick can cause smoke or soot buildup in the space or within the container. This ultimately conceals the actual scent of the candle and can dirty the wax. Trim at least five millimeters from the top to start from a fresh portion. Also, do not forget to clean the candle and its jar when dry to avoid any buildup or deterioration in scent.

Surface protection

You can protect the table or surface on which the candle is placed using coasters. Always using glass jar candles is a safe bet as these containers will not discolor, bend or break due to heat. For people with children and pets, avoid placing them on accessible, easy-to-reach surfaces for optimal safety.

People also asked

Q: How long do scented candles last?

A: The average burn time of a scented candle is around 40 to 50 hours if you use them regularly. However, infrequent users can use a high-quality candle for six months to one year. Larger candles will also typically last for longer, such as up to 150 hours.

Q: How long should I burn my newly opened candle?

A: When burning newly opened candles, follow this rule of thumb: for every one inch of the container’s diameter, you must burn it for an hour. Based on this, a new candle with three inches diameter must burn for three hours for the first time to ensure a proper melt pool.

Q: Where should I place candles in my home?

A: Instead of choosing random locations for placement, think of a setting that looks eye-catching and delivers the best intensity, plus which ensures that you don’t forget to put the candle out when done burning it. You can use decorative trays, TV consoles, bookshelves, and similar spots for the best aesthetics and aroma.