Canadians have Questions about a Candle-lit Future under Trudeau's Climate-COVID Regime says Friends of Science

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With an apparent Trudeau minority government planning to treat the alleged 'climate crisis' as they did the COVID crisis, Canadians have questions about NetZero and the likelihood of a candle-lit future like the UK is facing, says Friends of Science Society. Their new report "Fighting Climate Change: Can We Humans Regulate Earth's Climate?", sponsored by Canadians for Sensible Climate Policy, offers answers.

CALGARY, AB, Sept. 22, 2021 /CNW/ - As reported by CTV News, Sept. 20, 2021, the results of the Canadian election show a Trudeau minority government will return, but Canadians have questions about NetZero climate policies, says Friends of Science Society, offering answers in a new report "Fighting Climate Change: Can We Humans Regulate Earth's Climate?", sponsored by Canadians for Sensible Climate Policy.

Draconian efforts to reach NetZero in the UK has resulted in a 'candle-lit' future, as detailed by Matt Ridley in the Daily Mail of Sept. 20, 2021, citing a combination of impractical green ideology, untenable costs of renewables and related infrastructure and outrageous subsidies to green crony capitalist wind, solar and wood pellet operations. The reliance on wind power, which has dropped to near zero for weeks, lack of sufficient and suitable back-up by natural gas storage, and problems with an interconnect line to Europe have put the UK on a path to both energy and food shortages as winter looms.

Ironically, it is a shortage of carbon dioxide, a necessary element for food processing, triggered by skyrocketing energy costs, that may cause food scarcity, as reported in the Independent Tribune, Sept. 21, 2021.

Climate change has become such a high-profile media catastrophe story, that few people have been able to ask these important, fundamental questions, and get rational answers. "Fighting Climate Change…" explores these in a succinct, plain language way, offering taxpayers and citizens valuable insights for continuing their dialogue with elected representatives.

  • Will the Paris Climate Accord Work?

  • Is Net Zero Possible?

  • Can Electricity Replace Fossil Fuels?

  • Can We Succeed in Fighting Climate Change?

  • Should We Let Climate Activists Hijack Capitalism?

  • Can Carbon Taxes Control Weather and Climate?

  • Is Climate Science Settled and No Further Debate is Necessary?

  • Can we live without CO2?

  • Is CO2 Causing Extreme Weather Events or Rising Sea Levels?

Many people assume that governments and industry have worked out the details of moving from a fossil fuel-based society (presently supplied by about 84% oil, natural gas and coal and their by-products) to a so-called 'clean' energy economy. Though predictions have been made for decades that wind and solar would 'soon' power society, it is clear that the much touted "Just Transition" is simply "Just No Transition".

Robert Lyman details the challenge in the report "What Energy Transition?" In 2019, after decades of effort and trillions in subsidies, renewables supply the US with only 6% of energy consumption and Canada, only 3.5%. All wind, solar or other alternatives are made from vast quantities of oil, natural gas, and coal.

Consequently, it is unclear how long the re-elected Trudeau government can go on fooling Canadian taxpayers on Net Zero, electric vehicles (EVs), the alleged clean-tech revolution, the planting of 2 billion trees, and an east-west grid. These issues were address in detail in Friends of Science Society's two-part "Penury or Prosperity?" report of last fall.

As outlined in a recent livestream by Friends of Science Society, entitled "Personal Carbon Ration – Are You Ready for it?" it is deeply concerning that some media commentators like Pascal Gaxet in Métro, suggest a War Measures Act or personal carbon ration might be appropriate to fight the climate crisis, oddly claiming we have 'only four years left'. The catastrophic scenario known as RCP 8.5 as our 'likely' future anymore. Therefore, the climate emergency is over. We do have time.

As "Fighting Climate Change: Can We Humans Regulate Earth's Climate?" report shows, we must take time and consider the ramifications of the next steps on climate policy.

Friends of Science Society invites the public to the premier of Marijn Poels' new independent documentary "Headwind '21" this Friday, September 23, 2021, on their YouTube channel.

Save the dates for Friends of Science Society's 18th Annual Event – free and on-line - featuring Dr. Guus Berkhout, president of CLINTEL on Oct. 2, 2021, at 10am MDT, and author Marc Morano on Oct. 6th, 2021 at 7pm MDT.


Friends of Science Society is an independent group of earth, atmospheric and solar scientists, engineers, and citizens that is celebrating its 19th year of offering climate science insights. After a thorough review of a broad spectrum of literature on climate change, Friends of Science Society has concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2).

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