Campfire Brings High-Fidelity Holographic Collaboration to Design Studios

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Campfire expands system with a new device and group teleport capability for hybrid teams to work with large-scale holograms in AR and VR 

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Campfire today announced at AWE USA 2022 the Campfire Studio Console, a device that delivers large-scale shared holograms in design studios and open workspaces. For the first time, globally distributed teams can interact naturally and safely while teleporting around and within holograms of vehicles, structures, and environments.

Campfire Brings High-Fidelity Holographic Collaboration to Design Studios

The Studio Console expands Campfire's breakthrough holographic collaboration system introduced at AWE in November 2021. The Campfire system is designed to accelerate the development of physical products and infrastructure by improving communications and collaboration throughout the design and development process. Campfire addresses the well-known problem of visualizing 3D data on flat screens by delivering the first system that allows users in multiple locations to work with life-size holograms while working naturally with each other.

"Campfire brought decades of AR/VR experience to define a new category of spatial collaboration solutions," said Anshel Sag, Vice-President and Principal Analyst, Mobility & VR for Moor Insights & Strategy. "It can address the challenges of both early holographic displays and many other AR/VR solutions and is clearly resonating with early customers. I believe Campfire should be on the list of any company serious about using spatial computing to accelerate digital transformation."

Hundreds of companies have applied for Campfire early access, including global leaders in industries such as aerospace, apparel, automotive, and retail. "We anticipated a positive response, but our expectations have been greatly exceeded," said Jay Wright, CEO of Campfire.  "We received feedback that customers quite literally want to use Campfire to build bigger and better things. The Studio Console is a direct result of that feedback."

Additional product information available here. To experience the Campfire system, visit booth #518 at AWE USA 2022. To schedule a briefing with Campfire at AWE, contact To apply for early access visit

Campfire Devices

The Campfire Headset combines unmatched visual fidelity of holograms with a clear and natural view of other users, screens, and the environment. It delivers an ultra-wide 92-degree diagonal field-of-view (FOV), and an attachable visor for an ultra-comfortable and safe VR. The Campfire Headset connects to Windows PCs with a VR-ready GPU and Thunderbolt 3 port, and is certified with Dell Precision workstations.

The Campfire Pack turns a phone into a controller for manipulating and annotating holograms. It attaches to the back of a phone and works with the Campfire app to deliver simple yet powerful tools and intuitive data entry.

The Campfire Console sits on a desk or table and emulates a holographic projector. Holograms appear above the console with the same reliability as a traditional monitor whether viewed by one person, or multiple people in one or more locations.

The Campfire Studio Console brings the power of the Console to design studios and large indoor spaces. Users in one or many locations can walk around and within shared holograms of vehicles, structures, and environments. The Studio Console consists of modular floor mats that can be assembled in minutes.

Campfire Applications 

Campfire Scenes enables users to compose scenes from more than 40 formats of 3D models and scans, and then share them with links.

Campfire Viewer enables users to manipulate and annotate scenes using a Campfire Headset, PC, iPad, or phone.

About Campfire

Campfire enables companies that design and build the physical world to drive productivity and sustainability through holographic collaboration. Led by pioneers of today's most well-known augmented reality and 3D platforms, Campfire provides a new generation of devices and applications that enable hybrid teams to work with 3D models as shared holograms. Campfire's system dramatically advances the state-of-the-art over current AR/VR offerings for visual performance, ease of use, and workflow integration. Built on a foundation of more than 70 patents, Campfire is available now through an early access program with commercial shipments targeted for Q4 2022.

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