Camanche forging ahead on Parks Master Plan

John Rohlf, Clinton Herald, Iowa
·2 min read

Mar. 6—CAMANCHE — The Camanche Parks and Recreation Committee will work with the East Central Intergovernmental Association to develop a Parks Master Plan after approval from the City Council was granted earlier this week.

The cost for the city to utilize ECIA for the master plan is $833. The total cost of $2,500 will be split evenly between the city, ECIA and the Economic Development Authority. The ECIA will work with the Parks and Recreation commission and the city council to create a plan that will incorporate the Americans with Disabilities Act transition plan and other aspects for city parks, Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis said.

"For us, it was kind of a no-brainer," Willis said. "I think (City Administrator) Andrew (Kida) put in his notes he could easily have approved this at $833. But we wanted to get council on board and get their input and approval as they're probably going to be working to help get this finalized as well."

It is time to get the process moving forward, Kida added. He noted the capital improvement plan, which includes $1.5 million worth of spending on parks projects.

The Parks and Recreation Committee is on board with this being completed with the help of ECIA, Committee Chairman Josh Johnson said. The price is cheaper than the commission expected, Johnson added.

"We have the basis of what we want but to be able to get this help from people who have the understanding and expertise to be able to do it and do it in a timely manner, we're certainly fully on board," Johnson said.

The agreement with ECIA will help the process get started in the right direction from the beginning, Johnson believes.

The commission will have a couple of one-hour sessions with ECIA to start the process, Kida noted.

Councilman David Bowman thought development of the Parks Master Plan would be a function of the Parks and Recreation commission, he said.

The city has never had a Parks Master Plan, Willis noted. It is something new for the city and the commission, he said.

"It's tough to get the people even for a two-hour meeting together once a month let alone being able to put together a plan of this magnitude," Willis said. "So I have no problem putting it in the hands of the experts. Especially given the cost."

The Parks and Recreation commission will need to maintain and add to the plan once it is completed, Willis said.

Councilman Brent Brightman supported the agreement with ECIA. The plan will be completed sooner by utilizing the services of ECIA, he noted.