California Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Historic Voter Rights Case Brought by the PARRIS Law Firm

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SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In an historic moment for democracy in Santa Monia and California, the California Supreme Court granted review of a lower court's ruling that the City of Santa Monica did not violate the California Voting Rights Act by using an at-large voting system.

In addition, the California Supreme Court ordered that the Court of Appeal's opinion on this matter to be de-published.

In 2018, a Los Angeles judge ruled in favor of Pico Neighborhood Association and against the City of Santa Monica in an historic voter rights trial to help bring greater representation to Santa Monica's minority Latino population. Rex Parris, on behalf of the Pico Neighborhood Association, argued that Santa Monica's minority voters were effectively silenced by the City's at-large election system in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the California Constitution. In fact, during trial it was revealed Santa Monica had actually done its own study which clearly showed that its election system is rigged against minority voters.

However, this ruling was overturned by the California Court of Appeal. This overturned decision will now be heard by the California Supreme Court to determine the future of Santa Monica's voting system, and potentially set a precedent throughout California.

"The fight for justice is an ongoing battle, and we're grateful the highest court in California has deemed this matter important enough to consider overturning the Court of Appeals' decision," said attorney R. Rex Parris of The PARRIS Law Firm. "At a time when Americans throughout the country are fighting for voter rights, we have our own battle on that very issue right here in Southern California."

At the trial in 2018, Mr. Parris argued that due to a lack of proper representation, Santa Monica's minority population in the Pico Neighborhood has been inundated with a heavier burden of trash issues, construction and more because it has been so disenfranchised. The plaintiffs also alleged Santa Monica's at-large system violates the California Voting rights Act of 2001 and is the result of intentional discrimination against the city's ethnic minority residents since 1946.

Petition for Review:

Supreme Court Ruling:

The original case was Pico Neighborhood Association, et al. v. City of Santa Monica, Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. BC616804.

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