How to make C.C. O'Brien's Spicy Chicken & Corn Chowder

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Dec. 8—One of the myriad great things about a longtime pub or restaurant is the connection between loyal customers and ownership/staff. There's an almost secret quality to these relationships that might not be obvious to a first-time or casual customer.

Take C.C. O'Brien's Sports Pub in Pawcatuck, for example. Sure, it's a homey tavern with a million screens for watching games. And there's great music when the pandemic allows. Also: dozens of beers on tab and reliably tasty bar food. But included in those regulars' food fave recipes are the specials such as the Soup of the Week. Owner Carolyn O'Brien says a BIG crowd pleaser is the house Spicy Chicken & Corn Chowder — and cheerfully, and without a hint of proprietary concern that "the secret might get out," O'Brien shares the recipe. In fact, the chowder is probably due to make an appearance next week. In the meantime — and thereafter — give this a shot in your own kitchen.

Note: this recipe is restaurant-centric, meaning it makes about four gallons of soup. This might well work for a holiday feast or party, or a bit of simple math means you can adjust the amounts to fit your requirments.

C.C. O'Brien's Spicy Chicken & Corn Chowder


20 Slices 1/2 -inch diced bacon

3 large onions, diced

1 #10 can diced potatoes with liquid

1 #10 can whole corn with liquid

1 #10 can creamed corn

1 pint Angry Orchard cider or similar cider

6 lbs cooked, shredded chicken breast

1 lb chicken base

4 qts heavy cream

2-3 oz Cajun spice


Render bacon crispy in a stock pot, adding onion and saute until soft. Add cider and simmer for about 5 minutes. Add a small layer of cajun spice (about 2 oz) over onions/bacon and stir to mix. Add corn, diced potato, creamed corn, chicken base, shredded chicken and heavy cream and stir ingredients. Add some more cajun spice to desired flavor and heat thoroughly until all ingredients are hot.

No need to boil because all ingredients are cooked.

Serve and enjoy ... and plan your own pilgrimmage to C.C. O'Brien's to explore their menu and hospitality. And, yes, they have a TV screen where you can see Saints games. They're located at 8 Mechanic St., Pawcatuck, (860) 599-2034,

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