How Business Guru Jesse Jhaj Turned into "Hitch for the Rich"

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 8, 2021 / It seems ridiculous that wealthy men would have a hard time in the dating arena, but Jesse Jhaj, a self-made millionaire, says wealthy men struggle to date women just like the rest of us.

But why? Why would wealthy men have a hard time dating when they seem to have everything they want?

Sure it's obvious that they often attract women that are after their money. It's understandably hard to be in a relationship when all they can see is your cash.

But it's deeper than that - wealthy men are also busy - which means they don't have time to go on date after date. Frequent traveling, business trips, or simply living abroad can make it difficult to forge connections with someone at their home base.

Oftentimes these men turn to matchmakers or dating gurus to find them love. But Jesse Jhaj says their struggles are so unique that traditional dating advice often doesn't work for them. The first step to dating as a wealthy man is apparently to "stop hiring matchmakers."

Why Matchmakers Don't Work for the Rich

Jhaj had personally spent tens of thousands of dollars on matchmakers - only to realize that "matchmakers don't understand the dating pitfalls wealthy men have."

"They believe that simply making an introduction to a woman is enough - no, these men also need to be taught how to communicate, so they don't get their fortunes robbed," Jhaj said. But shouldn't wealthy men be full of confidence that they don't need help talking to women?

According to Jhaj, that's a common misconception that society has about the rich world. When that moment comes when you know "you've made it," you'd expect you'd be transformed into a totally new person. In reality, you'll still have the same dating issues that all men face, with an additional target on your back that comes from your wealth.

One might say this is a pessimistic attitude; however, Jesse Jhaj has spent the last decade working with wealthy men, teaching them how to attract the types of women they want - and he's seen it all before. These men often make compromises in their dating lives or are preyed on by women with bad intentions. The secret? A system of communication that can be taught.

He calls himself, "Hitch for the Rich."

Jesse Jhaj - "Hitch for the Rich"

Jesse Jhaj became a tech entrepreneur and co-founded the Y-Combinator backed Jumpcut with the goal of revolutionizing online education after a stint as a viral YouTuber.

After launching multiple 7 and 8-figure businesses, Jhaj started to see first-hand the problems millionaires face when it came to dating. He thought that once he made enough money, he'd effortlessly attract the perfect woman.

But that didn't happen. Jhaj, an entrepreneur at heart, became obsessed with figuring out both why and how to systematize the solution. "I was crazy enough to spend all my energy into figuring out an online dating system that worked for men like me," Jesse says.

This "online dating system" came from employing the same marketing strategies to dating apps that he applied to fund his technology firm. This data-driven approach cost upwards of $500,000 and testing over two years but resulted in solutions that rendered even the best Hollywood matchmakers obsolete.

"Matchmakers introduce men to 1 or 2 women per month. The math doesn't work out, and the men end up settling for someone because they simply don't have the optionality to actually choose from."

That begs the question of why not use dating apps for rich people like Millionaire Dating and skip matchmakers or Tinder entirely?

"There are over 100 million women on Tinder. With the right picture and profile combination, our clients are able to choose from over 20 women per week that fit their exact 'type' - from there, they get to select the ones that they click with the most to go on a date" Jhaj explains. "Wealth-based dating apps just have a significantly smaller user base and a less diverse pool of people."

But Does It Actually Work?

Jesse Jhaj's services don't come cheap. His prices start at $30,000 and climb up to $200,000. To most, that's a high price to pay for just meeting women, but it seems his clients are more than happy to pay after experiencing lackluster results everywhere else. Time is money, as they say.

We reached out to one of his clients, who shelled out $50,000. Jack Robyn, a retired 55-year-old divorcee, said of the service: "I hired Jesse, and within 2 weeks, he and his team introduced me to 30 women that they sourced from normal dating apps. I was then able to pick the ones I wanted to hop on a quick video call with - after narrowing it down to my favorite 5 girls, I ended up meeting my current girlfriend."

The Unicorn Theory

So, what makes Jesse Jhaj's services so different? He uses something he coins, "the unicorn theory." The Unicorn what?

The term comes from those rare unicorn startups that achieve a billion-dollar valuation you hear about once in a blue moon, like Facebook or Airbnb. Men who seem to "have it all" - ambition, wealth, and success in most aspects of their life are (literally) one in a billion. Attractive women seek out these men due to what Jesse Jhaj calls "hypergamy," the idea that women are biologically attracted to men that have high status.

Here's the problem: there's often a mismatch between the high status of wealthy men and the substandard way they communicate with women. The end result? All those stories you hear about guys losing everything they've built or being taken advantage of by someone who displayed a lot of red flags - that they missed.

This is why Jesse Jhaj is so adamant that matchmakers just don't work. His "hitch for the rich" service focuses not just on finding women for his clients but also on developing communication methods that empower (and protect) the men - without coming across as arrogant. This "one-two" punch seems to work wonders… assuming you can afford it.

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