Bugatti's Upcoming Project Probably Has Radical X-Shaped Taillights

Fred Smith
·1 min read
Photo credit: Bugatti
Photo credit: Bugatti

From Road & Track

For some reason, Bugatti has a Twitter account. Someone has the specific job of managing digital media for a company that sells 40 of each of the cars it makes, and, somehow, they have become convinced that this particular job requires the use of at least three hashtags per post. These posts are largely photos of one of the four models the modern iteration of the company has ever made, so anything but that is noteworthy. This week, they posted two teasers that were very noteworthy.

The first, above, shows what appear to be radical X-shaped taillights. The futuristic look, somewhere in between Gran Turismo and F-Zero, could be for anything, but it would certainly be most interesting if it is, in fact, the back of a car that will eventually be made and sold.

The second is even more cryptic, a photo of chalk marking "0,67." That number probably means something. Maybe it could be the name of the project? Does it represent a power-to-weight ratio? Is it just a number the company likes?

All that and more will probably be revealed on October 28th, the date announced in the second teaser. Hopefully, these are pointing toward a new car and not an X-shaped piece of wall art that will only be sold at 2/3rds scale.

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