Bryce Hall addresses Sway House competition backlash

TikToker royalty Bryce Hall recently addressed a competition winner who made videos criticizing him and the rest of the Sway House . and claimed that he was ignored after winning the chance to fly out to Los Angeles and meet them. In October, Hall announced that if his fans could get his business podcast to the number one spot on Apple Podcasts he would fly someone out to Los Angeles to hang out with him . One participant, Gunnar Morgan, made flyers about the event and recorded a TikTok of himself handing them out to people to subscribe to and rate the podcast. The effort was recognized by Hall who duetted the TikTok to announce that Morgan would get to be flown out to Los Angeles. Two months after the announcement was made, Morgan uploaded a TikTok where he claimed that the Sway House team ignored him after he won the contest. The debacle blew up after being shared to an Instagram account, which is where Hall addressed the issues in a comment:. "I was going to fly him out after everything was chill with the pandemic but now im 100% not because of the constant slander". Influencer competitions seem to regularly ignite some sort of backlash, especially if the influencer isn’t very explicit in the terms and conditions of the contest