BRYAN COUNTY HISTORY: More letters to Santa

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To Santa from Bennington

The Bennington Journal

December 5, 1939

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a little red train, some apples, oranges, candy and nuts, some firecrackers, and a pair of gloves to wear to school. I am seven years old and go to school every day. I have three sisters and two brothers. Please don’t forget them and mother and daddy, grandmother Lauderdale, and grandpa Cook. Please do not forget anyone, Santa Claus.

Curtis Lauderdale

December 8, 1939

Dear Santa Claus,

I am nine years old and have been a pretty good boy. Please bring me a bb gun, a bank, a French harp, and fire crackers, and a ball and fruit, nuts, and candy.

Please don’t forget my little sister. Bring her a doll and dishes, and bring my brother a ball and a harp and marbles and I want you to bring my baby brother some toys.

Happy Christmas to you, Santa and all.

Doyle McDaniel

December 1, 1941

Smith-Lee School

Dear Santa,

I like to go to school, I am seven years old and in the second grade. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Phillips. Please bring me a doll, set of dishes. I want some apples and oranges. I will hang my stockings by my bed.

Sincerely, Dorothy Mae Judd

November 27, 1944

Dear Santa,

We have been very good little boys and girls during the past year. We have worked hard for our mothers and fathers and have been good boys and girls in school. For Christmas, we boys would like for you to bring us jeeps and dump trucks. We girls would like dolls and doll buggies.

All of us would like candy, nuts, and fruit.

And please dear Santa, don’t forget our mothers and fathers, the other little boys and girls, and our soldier boys across the sea.

Lots of love,

PRIMARY CLASS of Bennington, Oklahoma

December 15, 1944

Dear Santa,

We have been good girls. Will you please bring us a doll and buggy, some dishes, too. We want some apples, oranges, candy, and nuts. And Santa, please remember our mother and daddy. Our stockings will be open.

The little Dodson girls, Ruby, Bennie, Patricia, and Jean.

December 9, 1945

Dear Santa,

The Primary Class has been very good little boys and girls this year. We boys would like guns, and fire crackers, while we girls would like dolls and doll beds. Of course, we would like fruit, nuts, and candy too.

We have worked hard for our teacher, so please, dear Santa, don’t forget us.

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