Broncos love that Russell Wilson loves the deep ball

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Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson loves throwing the deep ball. His new team will love for him to throw it.

On Monday, offensive coordinator Justin Outten was asked whether Wilson likes to throw it deep more than most other NFL quarterbacks.

“I would say yes, and we invite that,” Outten told reporters. “We love it, too. When you have one-on-one matchups, you want to take advantage of, there’s nothing like. That’s the best route in football. A down the field throw on a one-on-one matchup. It also invites defenses to back off a little bit and allows you to get those underneath throws throughout the game.”

Last September, after his final Week One win as a Seahawk, Wilson explained to PFT his own affinity for throwing it deep.

“What I love is the quietness when the ball is in the air,” Wilson told me. “There’s a peace to the ball in the air, you know? . . . That’s one of the great parts of our game, obviously.”

It’s one of the best parts of watching a game on TV. When the quarterback uncorks a long ball, the viewer was no idea where it’s going, who’s there, whether the receiver is open, etc. We find it all out as the ball falls back to earth and the downfield players enter the frame.

That’s actually my favorite part of the game. The fascination and anticipation of where the ball is heading, and where it may end up.

Broncos love that Russell Wilson loves the deep ball originally appeared on Pro Football Talk