Brius® Technologies Announces Brava™, the World’s First Teeth Straightening Solution Featuring Independent Mover™ Technology for Today’s Youth

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CARLSBAD, Calif., June 30, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Brius Technologies, an innovative orthodontic technology company creating a new category in teeth straightening through AI, announced the launch of Brava, the world’s first teeth straightening solution featuring Independent Mover technology for today’s youth.

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Introducing Brava. Not braces. Not aligners. Independent Movers™ (Photo: Business Wire)

"Brava is a teeth straightening solution that was designed specifically for the needs of teens and young adults as they are the largest segment and in the most need of innovation," said Ted Schwarz, CEO, Brius Technologies.

The company’s patented biomechanical back-of-the-teeth system uses AI and Independent Mover technology to plan the independent and simultaneous movement of teeth for a patient’s ideal smile. In partnership with a certified Brava orthodontist, the patient’s customized per-tooth treatment plan is pre-programmed into Brava’s’ NiTi arms that are made in the U.S. from lightweight shape memory alloy, a material invented for the space program, and puts each tooth on an independent path to its final planned position.

Brava works swiftly and efficiently to treat all ranges of malocclusions, from simple to difficult cases in as little as four appointments. Unlike traditional bracket and wire systems that can cause unwanted tooth movement and round-tripping, with Brava’s Independent Mover technology, the movement of any tooth has little to no effect on any other tooth.

Orthodontist and physicist, Dr. Mehdi Peikar, was inspired to find a new solution to straighten teeth after seeing his patients struggle with the anxiety of wearing braces, their lack of confidence from crooked teeth and the length of time and multiple office visits it took to achieve their desired result.

"There had to be a more efficient and aesthetic way to achieve a beautiful smile that was also a better experience for both the patient and the orthodontist," said Dr. Mehdi Peikar, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, Brius Technologies. "There needed to be a new and innovative approach to teeth straightening that was different from traditional methods. Now, with Brava, there’s a more modern way to straighten teeth."

With Brava, patients don’t need to remember to put it on and can’t lose it. It is easy to floss during treatment since there are no wires or bands to get in the way and, for most patients, no adjustments are needed. Since it works around the clock, Brava patients can see the progress in months instead of years.

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Brius® Technologies is a forward-thinking innovation company on a mission to provide the best way to straighten teeth and improve the orthodontic experience for the patient and the orthodontist. Brius is bringing transformative technology to orthodontics with its Independent MoverTM technology. The company’s patented biomechanical back-of-the-teeth system uses AI to plan the independent and simultaneous movement of teeth for a patient’s ideal smile in a fraction of the time of traditional braces and aligners. For more information, visit

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