Bride accuses bridesmaid of ruining wedding photos: 'This feels like justice'

This bridesmaid did not hold back on delivering piping hot tea about the bride she nicknamed “Cruella DeVille.”

TikToker Casey Costa first dropped hints about the toxic friend, Cruella, who always made her feel bad, back in September. Cruella tried to shame Costa’s wedding ring, but Costa was happy to provide a reality check.

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Apparently, Cruella bought her own engagement ring on, then forced her boyfriend to propose. Costa’s slow drip of gossip had users begging for more. So last week dished on another incident about Cruella’s wedding.

Costa revealed that Cruella essentially had to buy her bridesmaids because she didn’t have any friends. Moreover, not a single person from the bridal party even speaks to her today.

But that’s not the real kicker. After the wedding, Cruella was upset with Costa over the photos. Apparently, the pictures were unusable because Costa had ruined them by being 4-foot-10.

Yes — there’s another twist to this story. Cruella and her husband have since divorced, and it sounds like he’s been cozying up to a lot of Costa’s friends.

TikTokers were big fans of Costa’s story time series.

“Did she think you were going to grow before the wedding?” someone joked.

“The way my jaw just continued through the floor,” another wrote.

“The ending had me in stitches,” a person commented.

“I don’t know either of you, and yet this feels like JUSTICE,” a TikToker replied.

“I’m just sitting here enjoying how you tell the story. I love your energy,” a user added.

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