Take A Break From Rewatching "Heartstopper" And Take These 5 Quizzes

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ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun quizzes about Heartstopper — in one place for your convenience.

If you're like me, you binge-watched the new Netflix show Heartstopper in less than 24 hours. So here are some quizzes to keep you busy. Ready? Let's go!

A young man saying, "Oh my god, that's amazing!"

1.Tell Us A Little About Yourself And We'll Reveal Your Heartstopper Soulmate

Heartstopper images with an attached quiz.

"You look so cuddly." Take the quiz here.

Netflix / Unsplash

2.Heartstopper Is One Of The Best New Shows On Netflix — Now It's Time To Find Out Which Character You Are

Side-by-side images of Charlie and Nick from "Heartstopper"

"You're a proper little nerd." —Nick Nelson about...you, perhaps. Take the quiz here.


3.Choose An Image From Every Color In The Rainbow And We'll Give You A Heartstopper Character To Match Your Vibe

Side-by-side images of Tara and Charlie from "Heartstopper."

Let's find out. Take the quiz here.


4.Sort These Heartstopper Characters Into Hogwarts Houses And We'll Reveal Which One You Truly Embody

Charlie from "Heartstopper," and the sorting hat from "Harry Potter."

Nick is a Hufflepuff. PERIOD. Take the quiz here.

Netflix / Warner Bros.

5.Which Character From Netflix's Heartstopper Are You Most Like?

Side-by-side photos of characters from "Heartstopper."

"I like Charlie Spring! In a romantic way, not just a friend way!" Take the quiz here.


What's that? You've already taken all these quizzes? Then check out these behind-the-scenes details!