‘Boys in the Band’ stars on the movie having an all-gay cast

Netflix's “The Boys in the Band” reunites the cast from the 2018 Broadway revival of the groundbreaking 1968 play. This means that the movie has an all-gay cast rather than straight actors playing gay roles. For the actors, it was important to have an authentic representation in this production. “We’re living in a time where representation is incredibly important,” Zachery Quinto tells Yahoo Entertainment. “A straight person wants to play a gay role, that’s great, but let’s just open the door the other way around,” he adds. “I think everyone should get to play all the roles” Matt Bomer says. “It's about getting the opportunity.” Jim Parsons, who played cisgender character Shelton Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory,” adds: “All gay roles need not be played by gay people. They are in this case, and beautiful so.” “The Boys in the Band” streams on Netflix Sept. 30.